Awkward Family Photo Book: Animal Kingdom Edition

Awkward Family Photo Book: Animal Kingdom Edition

Apr 1, 2014| by administrator

Raise your hand if you have at least one crazy relative. If you didn’t raise your hand, congratulations, you’ve managed to elude one of the most inevitable occurrences on earth. You’re also probably lying, because not even the animal kingdom is immune to its fair share of fools. Photographer Todd Gustafson stealthily captured the eccentricity of the animals that we are about to proudly display. See if you recognize any of your own relatives in the mix, and don’t forget to play a prank on them today. April Fools!


The Combative Cousins

Whether they’re fighting over video games, TV access, or just having a wrestling match to prove their status as the dominant sibling, at least one set of cousins always seems to be engaged in some sort of combat.




The Ostentatious Aunt

You heard me right- if you could even hear me at all. Your aunt’s voice has been known to break the sound barrier on occasion. She won’t be satisfied unless every single person at the reunion hears what she has to say. And to make matters worse, she keeps cracking corny jokes that only she finds funny, much to the chagrin of the rest of the family.




The Unusual Uncle

This is the uncle who got a little too carried away in the ‘60s. His head seems to be in the clouds more often than not. Oh, and he insists upon sneaking fingerfuls of frosting from the cake.




The Meddling Mother-in-Law

“You know, you really shouldn’t feed your children so much high fructose corn syrup.”

“Oh honey, that is the best way to wind up in the emergency room.”

“Is that a tattoo under your sleeve?!”

No matter what you do, she will disapprove.




The Black Sheep

Then there’s that one relative that no one quite understands. The one who’s so incredibly weird that everyone claims he or she inherited their strange tendencies from the other side of the family. This loner will most likely be the oddball out, destined to read comic books in the corner at these raucous events.




The Whiny Whippersnapper/Picky Eater Hybrid

“Ewwww! I hate lettuce!” exclaims the whiny brat, who also happens to be a picky eater. Usually one or more of the younger cousins, these double threats always finds something to complain about. They won’t be appeased until they’re lounging on the couch, remote control in hand, eating from a large bag of potato chips.




The Kissing Cousin (and her boyfriend)

Your cousin finally found a way to tame her frizzy hair and just got her braces removed, so of course she has to prove to the rest of the clan that she’s becoming the school heartthrob. But in reality, everyone wishes she and her boyfriend would save their over-the-top snogging for bedroom.




The Annoying Pre-teen

OMG! LOL. C U L8ER. Whoa, you’re in the double digits now? Good for you. The pre-teen resides in that awkward place between child and adolescent. Her mission is to show her older cousins how cool she is by engaging in boisterous conversations with her BFFs on the phone.




The Bygone Ballerina

Just because she used to be a ballerina doesn’t mean she still has what it takes to prance about gracefully. Her movements maker her look more like a contortionist than a dancer, but do you think anyone can persuade her to leave her spry days behind her? Absolutely not.




The Out-of-date Fashionista

No matter how many times you remind him of the year, your uncle still dresses the same way he did in college. Even though his beard is now as white as oreo cream filling and looks utterly ridiculous, he swears he rocks it better than anyone else.




The Bemused Bystander

Let’s not forget about one of the most important family members- you! Although they bore you to bits sometimes and irritate you others, you know life wouldn’t be nearly as amusing without the antics of your rowdy relatives. You’d much rather be in the middle of the safari where all the action happens.