Protecting the Macaws

Protecting the Macaws

Feb 16, 2015|BirdingNewsWhere we travel| by administrator

Macaws are a species of bird that many people around the world obtain as pets. You may know them for repeating their owners’ lines like, “Polly want a cracker?” But, what you may not realize is that many of these birds are held captive and sometimes even abused by their owners.

While leading a trip in Costa Rica last winter, Julie Zickefoose visited a macaw and wildlife sanctuary not far from Selva Verde, and she is going back again in February. Don Alvaro is the man who rescues these beautiful birds and runs the sanctuary in Costa Rica.  He is doing everything he can to help them, but he definitely needs some help to care for these birds in a way that they can be free and happy.

If you would like to give to Don Alvaro in his quest to protect these macaws, please visit Julie Zickefoose’s blog to donate and to read more about his mission.    


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