Gustafson Madagascar Trip: Day 1

Gustafson Madagascar Trip: Day 1

May 29, 2014| by administrator


Day 1: Kirindy

Up at 4:30 a.m. to get to the airport for a 7:00 a.m. flight.  They wanted us each to buy an extra seat for our camera gear, but after going to three different desks and haggling throughout the airport we just walked on the plane with our gear.  We made the flight by three minutes.  We landed in Morondava and Solofo was there to greet us with a 10 seat air-conditioned van.  Off to the Avenue of the Baobabs for our first view.  Hot light by the time we got there so we took a few photos and headed north to Kirindy for our Fosa hunt.  No luck with that, but our night walk was filled with chameleons, some unique birds and an adorable gray mouse lemur.  We drove back on the bumpy road in the dark and got to our Morondava beach resort at midnight.  Waiting in each bungalow was a full meal of rice, crepes and the most amazing beef in wine sauce you could imagine.  We canceled tomorrow's Kirindy trip and made a new plan.

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