Introducing Our Newest Destination!

Introducing Our Newest Destination!

Apr 1, 2015|News| by Holbrook Travel

Holbrook Travel is excited to present our newest and most extreme destination yet… Outer Space!

The exact dates have not yet been decided, but it is anticipated the expedition will be scheduled for July 2016. For the affordable price of $1,000,000 you will get air/space travel in one of the finest eco space shuttles available (the Cohete Verde IV), a complimentary and stylish space suit for protection on this expedition, and all-you-can-eat freeze dried food! Departure taxes are not included.

Some of the destinations on our itinerary include the Moon, Mars, Venus, Saturn, the Milky Way and the controversial dwarf planet, Pluto!

Day 1-3: DEPART EARTH, Overnight aboard the shuttle. (BLD)

Strap on your seat belts and get ready for lift off! This transfer will take approximately three days, so bring lots of reading materials and board games.

Day 4: MOON, Overnight aboard the shuttle. (BLD)

Upon arrival on the moon, visit the lunar volcanoes with a volcanology lecture on site. Stop at the historic American flag that was left by Neil Armstrong years ago. Sample some of the finest moon cheese in the galaxy.

Day 5: MARS, Overnight aboard the shuttle. (BLD)

Today you will travel to Mars to see for yourself if there really is life on this planet. You might even make some new alien friends during an authentic cultural exchange.

Day 6: MILKY WAY, Overnight aboard the shuttle. (BLD)

Visit the Milky Way, and get some awesome shots of shooting stars (be careful not to get hit by one while photographing). This afternoon, take a tour of the Milky Way candy bar factory.

Day 7: SATURN, Overnight aboard the shuttle. (BLD)

Arise early to look for rare regional endemic species including Cosmic-beaked Tanager, Starburst-rumped Hummingbird, and Solar-footed Booby. Continue to Saturn. Spend the rest of the day in the secret theme park that is located on this huge planet. Eat the best freeze-dried ice cream in the galaxy and take an exhilarating ride on the tallest roller coaster in the universe.

Day 8: PLUTO, Overnight aboard the shuttle. (BLD)

Take a tour of Pluto. Enjoy a lively group discussion to debate whether this cute little purple ball of gas and rock that you grew up loving is a real planet or not. Later, take a behind-the-scenes tour of renowned astrophysicist Mick E. Mouse’s dog’s vacation house.

Day 8-11: DEPARTURE, Overnight aboard the shuttle. (BLD)

Depart outer space and head back to planet Earth. The transfer will be long, so we suggest you take advantage of the many amenities of the space shuttle, including optional floating lessons (at additional cost) and card games like 52 pick-up — with no gravity, that game is harder than you may think!

Please note: Travel insurance is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for this expedition.

You do not want to miss this trip of a lifetime! Contact your Holbrook travel consultant today for more information on this trip!

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Traveling to space with Holbrook would be really cool, but it hasn’t quite made the list of our destinations yet. In the meantime, we’ve got plenty other expeditions on our website that have really amazing (and really accessible) destinations!

Happy April Fool’s day from Holbrook Travel!