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Introducing Our Newest Trip Leaders

Introducing Our Newest Trip Leaders

Apr 1, 2016|News| by Michael

In our ongoing efforts to create the most authentic, immersive experience for our travelers, Holbrook is happy to welcome several new trip leaders to our team. We think they’ll add a new level of insight and expertise to our trips, and we’re excited to have them join our flock!


Elephant by Dain Van Schoyck

Name: Trunks

Bio: Trunks was born and raised in the Serengeti. He was often pressured by his parents to attend college and be a successful lawyer like his parents. Once he got accepted into college and began his track to becoming a lawyer, he realized it wasn’t for him. Trunks dropped out and decided to explore the world through Holbrook Travel. He was so impressed by our trip leaders he decided that this is what he wanted to do as a career.

What’s your pet peeve: Standing in the middle of the room and not being noticed

If you could be any Superhero who would it be and why: That’s Irelephant

Capuchin by Armando Maynez

Name:  Chipmunk

Bio: Chipmunk has worked in many job fields from playing an extra on Planet of the Apes to working at an ice cream shop known for their banana split. Chipmunk's hobbies consist of climbing trees, eating bananas, and her all-time favorite, throwing feces. While getting ready to throw feces at her pal, Monk, she saw a group from Holbrook Travel and realized this was her next role in life: A trip leader. After proper training and a stint in rehab for her feces throwing, we’re happy to welcome Chipmunk to the team!

Why are you called Chipmunk: I used to sell potato chips prior to this role. The name stuck.

What are you most proud of: Many don’t consider me as just their friend, but their prime mate


Snowy Owl by Fcb981

Name: Howlie

Bio: Howlie is the younger one of our trip leaders. You could call him a hipster. As a recent grad from Columbia University he set out for the job hunt and through his search he found us. Howlie is like any normal young adult and sleeps all day, and then spends the night awake partying. He often gets mistaken for Hedwig, and once it got him backstage passes to Coldplay’s concert! Welcome to the team Howlie!

What was the best advice someone has told you: “You’ll be owl right”

Did you hear Donald Trump dropped out of the race: Really? Well that’s a hoot!