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Photo by Krisztina Scheeff / KS Nature Photography

Photo Journal: Back from the Galápagos with KS Nature Photography

Photo Journal: Back from the Galápagos with KS Nature Photography

Oct 27, 2021|Photography| by Holbrook Travel

The Galápagos Islands offer incredible opportunities for nature photographers, from up-close encounters with curious wildlife to endemic flora and unusual landscapes. Krisztina Scheeff of KS Nature Photography just returned from leading a small group of fellow photographers to this enchanted place. Traveling aboard the Tip Top II catamaran, they explored roughly a dozen of the archipelago's islands and islets. Here, Krisztina shares excerpts from her trip journal along with a sampling of her stunning images. Enjoy!

October 13

What a stunning bird to welcome us to Ecuador — the Golden-rumped Euphonia with all his amazing colors! Yes, I have arrived safely, had a quiet day around the hotel, and now just waiting for my group to get here. Tomorrow we are off to visit Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve for hummingbirds and butterflies, then Friday off to Galápagos Islands!

October 18

Good morning from the Galápagos Islands! What an amazing place, it is purely magical. We have been island-hopping, off the grid for a few days, and I have sure enjoyed it. Words cannot express the beauty of the islands, the wildlife and landscape around you.

Usually we start with early breakfast, then off to an island for photography in the gorgeous morning light, back on boat for a snack, snorkeling, lunch, more photography in the afternoon until sunset, then dinner and photography class & review.

Throughout the trip, everyone has followed Covid protocols — it all feels very safe. The Tip Top II boat and crew are absolutely wonderful, taking care of us 24/7. The crew is fantastic and goes above and beyond to help the needs of everyone on board. We feel so safe each time we embark in the dinghies, and the crew takes very good care of our camera equipment.

So far, I have many new favorites from this awesome trip, but this gorgeous Red-billed Tropicbird with a very long tail, taken on South Plaza Island, is high on my list.

I’ll share more later on as I find some time to stay on the boat and look at photos...which I have to say is almost impossible!

October 21

Back online after two days roaming the islands and waters of Galápagos. The best eight days ever!!!

My awesome group! I'm having a great time leading this tour, and our local naturalist guide Etienne is the BEST!

What an amazing trip, plenty wildlife encounters, gorgeous views and fauna, with over 150 new wildlife and plant species. My group had a wonderful time and I know everyone will hold this place dear in their hearts.

It will be very difficult to leave tomorrow, and I am already counting the days to my next trip! Yes, I am already working on putting the next two tours together. Dates are Nov. 23 - Dec. 3, 2022 and a 15-day Ultimate Galápagos program, tentatively Apr. 19 - May 5, 2023. More information will be coming soon — stay tuned!

Lots of photos to go through. For now, here are a few more shots from this week. Even one of me!

Photo by Etienne De Backer

All photos by Krisztina Scheeff / KS Nature Photography, except where otherwise noted.

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