Photo by Diane Smith

Photo of the Month: April 2022

Photo of the Month: April 2022

Apr 1, 2022|Where we travelHolbrook in the Field| by Holbrook Travel

We weren’t really sure about traveling when we did our Costa Rica Osa Peninsula birding tour. A good friend was leading the trip to the Osa Peninsula for Grand Valley Audubon, and other good friends had joined in. We went back and forth but finally decided to take the risk. As it turned out, Costa Rica was a great place as far as COVID precautions. Every business required hand-washing before entry, and every employee everywhere wore a mask. Tourism is a huge source of employment for Costa Ricans, and the “ticos” we met seemed very grateful to be back to work; everyone was extremely friendly and helpful.

One of the highlights of our trip was a whalewatching tour. What a great experience! A personal highlight on that day was that our guide Leo gave me tips about how to take pictures from the boat. It’s not easy when the boat is moving and your subject is moving! I still got a lot of pictures of nothing but water and sky, but also some great shots of the whales and of birds. This photo (above) was one of my favorites. On the way back, I loved the sight of these local fisherman, with Magnificent Frigatebirds hovering around, hoping for a free meal. The pretty female Cherrie’s Tanager (below) posed for me right off the deck of our room at La Cusinga in Úvita.

Photo and story by Diane Smith
Costa Rica | Birding the Osa Peninsula with Grand Valley Audubon