Carlos Cardona

Photo of the Month: March 2019

Photo of the Month: March 2019

Mar 1, 2019|Where we travelHolbrook in the Field| by Holbrook Travel

I traveled to the Casanare Department in Colombia’s central-eastern region to visit some of the large cattle-ranching “hatos” (haciendas) that are at the forefront of biodiversity conservation in this part of the country. These working haciendas are turning away from intensive farming and establishing private trusts to protect the land from oil exploitation. Along the way, they combine traditional ranching with biodiversity conservation and tourism. While the main objective of my visit was to learn about these efforts and experience the wildlife that these floodplains allow during the dry season, I was deeply moved by the rich cultural traditions of this area. “Los Llaneros,” as locals call themselves, maintain distinct cultural traditions that set them apart from Colombia’s other regions. An example of this is their “joropo” dance, where colorfully clad partners twirl and swirl at the music of the harp, maracas, and cuatro guitar. This picture was taken during a traditional dance demonstration by local school kids in the town of San Luis de Palenque.

Carlos Cardona, Associate Director of Product Development, Holbrook Travel