Traveling in North America and the Caribbean

For those living in the United States, the treasures in our own backyard may easily be overlooked when we daydream into the far-reaching corners of the world. But a long-haul flight isn’t a requirement for discovery. From the majestic glaciers of Alaska to the endemic-rich tropical forests of Eastern Cuba, Holbrook Travel’s programs to North America and the Caribbean offer a world within reach to explore.

You may seek to stand before the staggering vistas of the American west, embark on an expedition to spot polar bears in Manitoba, search for puffins along the craggy coast of Maine, or witness hundreds of thousands of Monarch butterflies taking flight in Mexico’s highlands. Or, consider a visit to Holbrook’s own “backyard” and enjoy a true Florida experience across freshwater springs, barrier islands, and sawgrass marshes.

No matter the destination, exploring the lands nearby gives us an opportunity to reflect on our own relationship with the natural environment, and the ways we can constantly learn from and give back to the world around us. It’s our greatest passion to facilitate those connections through travel.

Trips to Join

From $1,660


Cuba | Birds in Flight Photography Contest

February 12, 2023 - February 19, 2023
From $6,095


Alaska Wildlife Photography with Jennifer Leigh Warner

July 23, 2022 - July 31, 2022
From $2,895


Cuba | Birding Cuba`s Hotspots

December 3, 2022 - December 10, 2022

Trips to Plan

From $4,295

Natural History

Alaska Up Close | Prince William Sound to the Kenai Peninsula

10 Days | Choose your dates
From $4,175

Natural History

Florida Wilds: from Gulf to Glades

8 Days | Choose your dates
From $2,495


Mexico | Birding the Ruins of the Yucatán

11 Days | Choose your dates