The natural wonders of the United States have long captivated visitors in rapt attention. It was here in the U.S. that the world’s first national park was established at Yellowstone in 1872. Today, there are 62 national parks in 29 different states, protecting approximately 52 million acres of land, ranging from the sandstone chasms of the Grand Canyon to the sawgrass marshes of the Everglades. Because of the United States’s vast size, there are myriad offerings to choose from.

Alaska enchants with its majestic mountain peaks, temperate forests, and coastal waters; visitors can expect to encounter abundant wildlife, go kayaking and hiking, and discover the region’s importance in conservation and ecology. Maine boasts its local jewel of Hog Island, where birding and wildlife viewing is spectacular, and the local preservation of the Atlantic Puffin is a global success story. Hawaii beckons with its lure of tropical paradise, and enriches travelers with its extraordinary cultural heritage, unique geology, and dazzling marine life. The vistas of the American West, from Arizona to Wyoming, present an opportunity to stand in reverence before jaw-dropping scenery, just as European settlers and Indigenous peoples did for centuries before.

Because of Holbrook’s deep roots in Florida, we are proud to offer enriching Florida experiences beyond the typical tourism. Our home state tells a story of land, people, and conservation across singular environments like cypress and mangrove forests, pristine wetlands, and freshwater springs. Visitors can even make a stop in our hometown of Gainesville, where we’re delighted to show off Paynes Prairie Preserve, Sweetwater Wetlands, and the Ichetucknee River, our local treasures.

No matter the region, Holbrook’s mission in the United States is to offer new perspectives on familiar territory, with itineraries that are as educational and transformational as our programming around the globe. Put your passport aside, and imagine the experiences that await you in our own backyard.

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Alaska Up Close | Prince William Sound to the Kenai Peninsula

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Natural History

Grand Teton and Yellowstone Wildlife Safari

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